• Image of No Fracking Smokey T-shirt


Back in 2012, this design stirred up the USDA & The Forest Service who came after me when they noticed Smokey had gone Anti Fracking on them.
They attempted to crush my 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Expression by sending me an intimidating letter through a corporate proxy. Little did they realize that this bear does not get intimidated when his rights are being violated. Oh, hell no.

The Forest Service is leasing your public lands to gas and oil companies to allow hydraulic fracturing! You may not have been aware of this fact, but please educate yourself.

If you'd like to read the full story of my encounter with the government who threatened me with 6 months in prison and a $100k fine for using Smokey the Bear to poke fun at them for being shitty public stewards please go to my blog here: http://lmnopi.blogspot.com/2013_05_01_archive.html

In the meantime, holy flaming faucet fires, Smokey, I have alot of these shirts!!! Please! Help me get these little soldiers out there, we need to spread awareness about Fracking and the Fracking Frackers who want to Frack us up.

*NEW: choice of metallic ink; silver or gold on the black, olive or grey tees. just specify in the order comments.

WGA= Will Get Arrested to Protect Life - radical smokey in the line up. limited edition left.